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--2016/9/20~10/16 Early Bird Advance Ticket NTD $250
--2016/10/17~12/6 Advance Ticket NTD $280
(You can go to these channel to buy the ticket and you can get a interactive proximity ID card by ticket during the exhibition period.)
The Convenience Store Channel
The On-line Channel

The Company ticket
(02)2797-9559 *129 MISS CHEN

Ticket type / Price

Ticket Title & Price Channel Explanation
Pre-sale ticket Early Bird Ntd $250 7-11
•One ticket
•Can get a interactive proximity ID card by ticket during the exhibition period.
Advance Ticket Ntd $280
Single-day ticket Adult Ntd$380 Ticket booth 1.Adult、Police、Soldier
2.People older than 12 years old or taller than 140cm(certificate required)
Concession Ntd$ 350 1.The people use the student card
2.Children between 6-12 years old or 120-140cm
3.Use with special events
Disabled Ntd $190 1.People who own the disability card & 65-year-old elders (certificate required)
Parents-Child Ntd$600 1. Adult and child(between 6-12 years old ) can use this ticket together.
Free 1.Children with age under 6 years old or heights under 120 cm (certificate required)
2. people who own the disability card(certificate required)

The Ticket Precautions

  1. Keep your tickets intact before entry.
  2. No refunds after usage.
  3. Each individual ticket is valid for single entry only. Copies are invalid. No exchange for damage or loss.
  4. Ticket resale is strictly prohibited. Violators will be fined based on Article 64 in Social
  5. Order Maintenance Act for buying transportation or entertainment tickets with no intention to use and reselling them for profits. (Exhibition images and visuals are copyrights protected.)
  6. Tickets shall be used before the exhibition ends on March 14th, 2017. No refunds or exchanges for overdue tickets.
  7. Please follow exhibition orders and rules. No foods, drinks, umbrellas, self-stick , tripod or pets (other than guiding dogs) are allowed.
  8. Exhibition contents and gifts may be changed anytime under the organizer’s discretion.
  9. Ticket and merchandise sales are not deductible for free parking or eligible for promotional campaigns in in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.
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